Collection: Monkey Costumes

We love monkey costumes, and our collection of monkey fancy dress is available for adults and kids. Perhaps the cheekiest animal outfit of them all, the delightful monkey is fun and full of mischief. Monkeys have been depicted in many ways, and Hollywood has done a fine job. Aladdin’s Abu is naughty and forever nicking treasures. There’s Rafiki the wise and mandrill-voiced monkey that dishes out valuable advice on the circle of life. And we can’t forget the army of winged monkeys from the Wizard of Oz. In short, Monkeys are pretty cool; after all we all evolved from these somewhat loveable primates as well. We have a range of monkey costumes for girls, boys, men and women alike. Dress your child in an adorable monkey costume for kids and get your monkey game on and go ape with an equally fun adult monkey outfit.

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