Collection: Tiger Costumes

We are so impressed with our display of tiger costumes, that we created a tiger fancy dress collection, with outfits available for adults and kids. Whether you are shopping tiger fancy dress for men, women, girls or boys, you'll find it all here in one place. The tiger represents something different from culture to culture, but there’s one thing that everyone in the world agrees on – tigers are intriguing wild cats that deserve respect. No wonder they’ve been widely depicted as magnificent, and sometimes mysterious and cunning animals. In fact, they are one of our favourite animal costumes. There’s our beloved silly Tigger that bounces about asking incessant questions. There’s also possibly the world’s least scary tiger Shere Khan from the Jungle Book. Of course we can’t forget the intelligent and sophisticated Hobbes that doubles up as a stuffed tiger toy and Calvin’s BFF in the world renowned Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. The list of famous fictional tigers goes on…As they say, when you rile a tiger, it will show its claws. Show them who’s boss and a close contender to the king of the jungle title with a convincing tiger costume!

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