The King's Coronation Party Ideas

The King's Coronation Party Ideas

The Coronation Weekend between Saturday 6th and Monday 8th May 2023 is a time for the country to come together the celebrate the coronation of King Charles III and Her Majesty The Queen Consort. 

While we all witness this historical event for our country, the hope is that friends, families and communities will come together to celebrate and get to know each other better.

So whatever your plans are for the Coronation Bank Holiday Weekend... Whether you are getting involved with a street party, heading out for a picnic in the park or laying down the red carpet in your own back garden for a BBQ. Here are Smiffys' best ideas to make this historical day extra fun and memorable!



There's no better way to get break the ice and get everyone in the celebratory mood than with some entertaining party games. Below are a few ideas... all British Themed of course!

Pimm's Pong

For adults only! Most of us will know the rules of Beer Pong, but for any newbies it's extremely easy to pick up. For this game you will need an empty long table to set up cups in a triangle formation at each end. Add a small amount of Pimm's & Lemonade in each cup (about 2-3 fingers). Players need to split into 2 teams and take turns throwing a ping pong ball into the other teams cups on the opposite side of the table. If someone of the opposite team gets it in the cup after you take your go, you have to drink the contents of the cup!


The Game of Thrones

For Adults & Kids. Playing this after a couple of rounds of Pimm's Pong might give the kids a fair chance at this one. Don't be fooled, we have just thought of funny name for Musical Chairs. But this classic party game always has everyone in hysterics as the chairs are removed one by one. 


Brit Pop Karaoke 

For Adults & Kids. Karaoke but only using songs from British artists is sure to have everyone in a patriotic mood! Think Elton John, Wham, S Club 7, Spice Girls, Annie Lennox, Amy Winehouse etc etc.

If you're feeling brave, randomly pulling songs out of a hat is sure to make things memorable. Who will get the dreaded Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights? Who will bag the easy option with The Jam - Going Underground?


Coronation Bingo 

For Adults & Kids. This is a great idea for a coronation party that is being held on the Saturday, as you'll need to have ceremony on a screen somewhere close by. Makeup some simple bingo cards - we suggest going with smaller cards with around 8 squares. Fill the squares in with a random assortment of things people should lookout for! Here are a few recommendations. 

Idris Elba ♛ Tower Bridge ♛ Dame Judy Dench ♛ David Beckham ♛ A Sports Presenter ♛ Kate Moss ♛ David Attenborough ♛ A Pearly King or Queen ♛ Elton John ♛ A Corgi ♛ A Bagpipe Piper ♛ An Olympian ♛ A Double Decker Bus ♛ Gold State Coach ♛ A Union Jack Bowler Hat.

The winner is whoever fills in their bingo card first. Make sure you have a prize ready for them. Something like a King Charles III Cardboard Mask or a Royal Crown would be perfect!


Entertainment for Children 

Help make the King's Coronation memorable for younger children with a range of fun activities and keepsakes! It's a great idea to have a fancy dress box filled with a range of Crowns, Cloaks and Union Jack-Themed Accessories for the little ones to create their own coronation outfit.

Keep them busy with some free resources from Official Coronation Toolkit. Our favourites are the Bunting Decoration packs and the Crown Colouring in sheets!




It wouldn't be a British celebration without some good-old British puddings! Ask attendees to your coronation event to bring a pud along with them and you can create one of the best desert buffet tables EVER!

♛ Victoria Sponge Cake

♛ Strawberry Trifle

♛ Summer Pudding

♛ Apple & Blackberry Crumble

♛ Bread & Butter Pudding

♛ Sticky Toffee Pudding

♛ Cherry Bakewell Tart

♛ Chocolate or Jam Roly Poly





No British party is complete without raiding the local corner shop beforehand. We've come up with a classic drinks menu that has something for everyone!


♛ London Dry Gin & Tonic

♛ Bramble Cocktail

♛ Snake Bite – A pint made up of half cider, half lager.

♛ Snake Bite & Black - For those with a sweeter tooth...add a dash blackcurrant to your Snake Bite. 

♛ Pimm's & Lemonade

♛ Cornish Cider

♛ Ale



♛ Fizzy Vimto

♛ Ribena

♛ Ginger Ale

♛ Dandelion & Burdock


There's no denying that this will be a special weekend for the Britain and the rest of the Commonwealth. We haven't seen Coronation ceremony in 70 years, so it's an honour that we can make memories to pass on to future generations.

Smiffys are excited to offer a range of Union Jack Apparel as well as British Costumes & Accessories and Decorations perfect for your bank holiday plans!

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