Collection: Bald Wigs

Whether you're looking to be a scary witch, an elderly person, a monk, or one of your favourite fictional characters, like Heisenberg, you can be sure these bald wigs will do the trick! They are made of high-quality synthetic materials and will last through multiple wears. There's definitely something a little profound and funny that comes with dressing up in a bald wig, especially when you're used to donning a full head of hair! Make sure to take some pictures while you're in your costume to document the hilarity. It really doesn't matter what kind of look you're going for, whether you're just dressing up for fun, going out with your friends and wanting to draw a few laughs, or you're trying to dress up as a beloved, or perhaps even infamous, character that you really want to embody for your next convention or event. And there's a lot. Bald Eagle. Baldwin the Bald. Baldrick from Blackadder. Beavis. Bilbo Baggins. Captain Picard. Chuck Norris. Darth Vader. Doctor Octopus. Grigori Rasputin. Grizzly Adams, and so many more. So, tie your hair back and get ready to shine (pun intended) as you don your very own bald wigs and enjoy the reactions you get from those around you or be sure to check out the rest of our wig collection! Just make sure not to wear them too often, or you might start to feel a little strange!

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