Collection: Red Gloves

The colour red can easily be associated with many different holidays and events! Christmas is associated with the colour in a very obvious way thanks to the big man in his red suit. That’s why our design team thought it was essential to include some Red Santa Gloves for this collection as well as in our White Gloves collection. There aren’t many occasions that give you an excuse to wear a pair of long red gloves but we think Valentines Day is definitely one of them! Perhaps it comes about as a result of the Flapper style from the 1920’s, who were often seen looking sophisticated in a pair of long gloves - and if you’re looking to embody anyone’s persona on Valentine’s Day, it should be the unfazed confidence and sexual allure of a flirtatious flapper! Hold up, we’re not done yet! This collection of gloves also includes some great options if you’re dressing up as a Devil for this year’s Halloween party – whether you’re going for a sophisticated look with our Temptress Gloves or you’re ready to have some fun in the Fishnet Gloves, you are sure to have one hell of a costume!

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