Collection: Universal Monsters Costumes

Universal Monsters is the name given to a series of infamous sci-fi, suspense and horror films created by Universal Studios. These true classics were released from 1923 to 1960 but don't be fooled by their age, these vintage films are far from being forgotten and have only increased in popularity over the years. Smiffys are delighted to release our officially licenced Universal Monsters designs in time for Halloween so you pick your favourite character from our line up as this year's costume. The collection features costumes, masks, wigs and even makeup kits that allow you to completely transform into characters from earlier films in the franchise such as the 1931 horror film Frankenstein or his Bride from sequel Bride of Frankenstein which was released a few years later. Dracula and The Mummy followed the monster madness which were also huge successes, with countless remakes being created over the years. Perhaps one of the most impressive accessories we have to complete your Universal Monsters costume is the Creature From The Black Lagoon cosmetic kit, complete with gill prosthetics and a step-by-step guide on how to recreate the look! Released in one of the best ever decades for horror films, our Men's and Women's Creature From The Black costumes are the perfect idea for any couple who call themselves classic horror fanatics. In fact, this collection has been designed so that the whole family can show off their passion for these iconic Universal films together, with matching costumes for adults and kids, any one who decides to come knocking on your door this Halloween will experience total monster madness with these killer costumes!