Freshers Fancy Dress Essentials

Freshers Fancy Dress Essentials

Everybody knows that your time at university is just as much about your degree, as it about enjoying your new found freedom with new friends. Most students move to a completely new city, meaning there's lots of exploring to be done, mostly in the form of social events!

During first year and especially during freshers week there are lots of themed night’s out at clubs, pubs and house parties. While this is the time to make lots of amazing memories, you're bank balance can take a big hit, so to help the student loan stretch as far as possible, we have come up with an essential list of fancy dress items that you'll be able to use again and again.


1) Face Paint Palette

smiffys fx makeup palette

From animal print and gory Halloween looks, to down right scribbles if you’re heading out as a first year with your sports society. This is a pallete that can be used on multiple occasions. It includes plenty of vibrant colours allowing you to get creative, as well the basics like green for your St Paddy's Day shamrocks and yellow and black for your Minion fancy dress costume!



2) Water Pistol

This water pistol is perfect for a Cops & Robbers fancy dress theme whether you fancy being rebellious as a criminal, or prefer to stay on the right side of the law as a police officer. It can be filled with whatever you like, something to drink while you’re waiting in those lengthy freshers week queues sounds like a good idea to us! Not only that but you can incorporate this accessory into many fancy dress themes, like your pirate costume, or a gangster outfit as well as a Western theme fancy dress outfit.


green Visor

3) A Visor

Pub golf, sport themes, the ever-popular 'tight & bright' and even a senior citizens themed costume will be completed with one of these bad boys. (Pssst a green one would be our pick as you can also style it out of St Paddy’s Day shenanigans as well).


4) A Heat Style-able Wig

Our cruelty free and vegan Manic Panic® wigs could be classed as an ‘investment’ as they’re the most expensive item on this list. But that’s down to the stunning designs, high quality and the fact they’re heat style-able!!! You can completely switch up your look with a funky new hair colour, without any of the commitments or effort of dying it yourself. This isn't a one trick pony either - you can style this wig with heat up to 120°C to give you a unique hair style each time.

Manic Panic Wigs



5) Feather Boa

Perfect for making any of your outfits extra fun. Lets be honest a Feather Boa is just good vibes. A definite way to make some new friends at freshers week events 'Oh she’s wearing a feather boa, I wanna party with her’. Plus it serves as some cute Uni room décor in between wears!

6) Shimmer Curtain

Okay we've bent the rules here a little bit here as this clearly isn't a fancy dress item but it's definitely an essential for your first year accommodation. Most university halls can be pretty dreary and plain, add a bit of decoration to your walls with one of our Shimmer Curtains and turn your flat into the place to be for pre drinks and after parties. They can also add some sparkle to your Instagram feed as they make cool back drops for your pre night out photo shoots with the gang!


sheer black suspender print tights


7) Black Fishnets or Stockings

Black hosiery like a pair of black stockings or fishnets can can be worn with any fancy dress outfit, they're a great option if you’re not a fan of showing off your bare legs and they also add a layer of ‘warmth’, albeit a very thin one. Essential because the first few months of your university year are pretty cold as it heads towards winter. We love these sheer tights with a suspender print, but you can take a look at our whole collection here.


8) Character Kits

If you need a quick fix for a popular fancy dress theme such as an animal fancy dress, go check out our Character Kit collection. They’re a super cheap alternative to buying a full outfit as they provide you with all the accessories to make you look the part, so you can pair them along side an outfit you already own. It's not just perfect for your safari theme, as we have character kits for almost every costume you can think of like international, historical, Halloween and celebrity inspired costumes. Plus... there’s nothing to stop you and your house mates buying a few and swapping throughout the year to make sure you always have fresh 'fits for the gram!


9) A Shot Glass on Beads

We class this shot glass on beads as a 'non-essential, essential’! Lets be honest, university accommodation kitchens are not the cleanest of places, so don’t bother trying to find a shot glass at pre drinks... the most you’ll find in a is an odd mug or a sauce pan. Instead you can keep this cutie around your neck to ensure you're always prepared. It also means you know it’s sanitary at the very least!


10) Glitter Fixing Gel

Once you move to university, you'll be going out more than you ever have done before, so it's time to get savvy by saving the pennies where you can. Thinking ahead about products that you use a lot on nights out is a smart move and applying glitter will be all too common as you head on nights out in the coolest venues and attend fun fancy dress house parties. We suggest stocking up on our Glitter Fixing Gel and a few Glitter Pots in your favourite colours. This will save you from spending lots on individual packs of single use face jewels each time you want to add some sparkle to your makeup look.


11) A Student Discount!!!

Smiffys have teamed up with Student Beans to provide you a banging discount on all of our products. Once you receive your university email you can sign up, it’s completely free and you can save money with hundreds of popular brands for all your university purchases.

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