Freshers Flat Party Ideas

Freshers Flat Party Ideas


THE PLAYLIST - Unless you're a budding DJ, or know someone who is. Spotify is your best friend here, keep things simple as possible and find your favourite playlist. We love this 2022 Ibiza House Mix!

THE DECORATIONS - Set the tropical scene with some Smiffys inflatable palm trees and shimmer curtains. Then, you just need some coloured mood lighting to turn your shared kitchen into a funky Ibiza after party.

THE WELCOME DRINK - A Tequila Sunrise! To honour those early morning detours via the beach after a night out (which is a definite Ibiza bucket list item!) All you need is some orange juice from concentrate, a bottle of tequila and a bottle of grenadine. Ice cubes and straws!

THE OUTFIT - We have plenty of options right here on out site for this one. Our Fever Festival range is full of stylish bodysuits for the girls, and for the guys we suggest a Hawaiian shirt, super simple if you’ve already been on holiday this year!

Fever Flame BodysuitFever Black Festival bodysuit

THE ACCESSORIES - This one should be pretty obvious… Sunglasses, face jewels and glitter is all you need to complete your Ibiza look.

THE FOOD - What’s the one thing you want after a night out on holiday? You need to play it safe and you need it to be cheap... toasties!! It’s sure to make your flat parties legendary, and why not give your guests a laugh! Its super easy finger food, cheap as chips and will help keep people a safe level of drunk.


THE PLAYLIST - You can pretty much get away with any playlist you want for a neon party. But we think you should throw a few 80’s bangers in there, as an ode to your Neon theme.

THE DECORATIONS - What you really need to pull off an amazing Neon themed flat party, is a blacklight. Options like these blacklight strip LED's from Amazon are perfect. And if you split the cost between all your flat mates it should be no more than the price of a coffee! Once the blacklight has been sorted, you need to find items that will glow. The easiest way to do this is with white paper and highlighter pens or glow sticks!

THE WELCOME DRINK - Erm… Did someone say glow in the dark jello shots! Read this recipe to get an idea of how they're made, but essentially you need to use tonic water instead of still water when making jelly. This makes them glow under your black light!

funny shots GIF

THE OUTFIT- For this theme you can ask your guests to wear whatever they feel comfortable in! People might want to go all out with neon tutus and fishnet vest tops. Whilst others might want to dress in their everyday wardrobe but throw on a few accessories.

THE ACCESSOIRES - It’s got to Neon Outfits and Accessories be UV paint and makeup! You could also leave a few glow sticks on the side for your guests to grab throughout the night.

THE FOOD - We suggest you take it easy for this step. We have kept all these party ideas as low cost as possible, and since the black light is essential to most of our suggestions. Just throw out some nibbles and finger food to keep your guests happy.

90's PARTY

THE PLAYLIST - With artists like Destiny’s Child, TLC, Usher and Boyz II Men, 90’s RnB is sure to get people moving. But by all means throw in some obligatory hits from the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis, Spice Girls as well! You’ll be surprised just how many 90’s songs you recognise, so whatever your preferred genre of music, search up some playlists and have a listen beforehand!

THE WELCOME DRINK - *Alcopops just entered that chat* To in keep with your crowd-pleasing playlist. Why don't you get in a range of alcopops like Bacardi Breezer, WKD and Smirnoff Ice. You can’t really dislike a drink that is just sugary alcohol so they’ll be a safe bet to offer your guests as a welcome drink.

THE DECORATIONS - Think bright and bold! Like MTV threw up all over your shared living space. Try to get your hands on some old posters of some 90’s celebrities – you know, the ones that people used to plaster all over their bedroom walls!

THE OUTFIT & ACCESSORIES - Since the majority of people in Smiffys HQ lived through the 90's we thought we'd have a bit of fun with this one. So here is your definitive list of Smiffys HQ's favourite 90's trends and fashion accessories. Lets just say they did not disappoint. If you're looking for some finishing touches try adding some of these!

scrunchies skate tee’s bucket hats bike shorts ripped jeans 'anything Umbro' cargo pants sunshades bandanas windbreakers frosted tips Walkman’s with headphones round your neck fake body piercing Oakley’s middle hair partings hoop earrings slap bracelets

90s fashion - This is England 90's

THE FOOD - It would be criminal to miss such a good opportunity to relive a 90’s party buffet.. Cocktail sausages on sticks, cheese and pineapple cubes, mini sausage rolls, chicken dippers, pizza fingers, breadsticks & dip. You just need to embrace the beige for this one!

That's it! You're all set to pull off a legendary flat party that will be remembered long after your freshers year!

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