St Patrick's Day 2022 Costume Selector

St Patrick's Day 2022 Costume Selector

With the celebration just around the corner, the world is gearing up, and they’re gearing up in green! It’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be doing for St Paddy’s and more importantly, what you’ll be wearing whilst you do it. As far as “holidays” go, this one is a perfect excuse for a party and having fun, almost like a second birthday but it’s everyone’s birthday and everyone is Irish!

With so many Irish, it should be the luckiest day in the world right? But did you know that the largest consumers of Guinness aren’t even Irish! The content of Africa consumes more Guinness than Ireland, more than England and more than the USA individually. It accounts for 40% of sales! Over 10 million glasses of Guinness are sold each day and this doubles on St Patricks Day.

So if green is the theme then that’s probably the best starting point for ideas right? Although traditionally St Patrick is associated with blue. But shamrocks aren’t blue, and neither are emeralds after which Ireland is named (the emerald isle).

So will you be painting a shamrock on your face? Perhaps the Irish flag? Donning yourself in the finest set of flashing shamrock glasses knowing full well that you’ll have probably lost them by the end of the festivities? If you’re struggling to decide what to wear this year, then how about testing your luck with our “scientifically accurate” “I wish I was Irish – costume selector”:

St Patricks Day Costume Finder
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