Halloween costume ideas for adults

Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

Whether you want to look terrifying, glamorous or hilarious, we’re here to help you look fabulous this Halloween. Step into the Smiffys wardrobe to find your ideal costume for the dress up event of the year. We’ve picked our favourite Halloween costume ideas for adults. There’s something for everyone!

All-time favourites

Classic costumes include all your favourites such as zombies, skeletons and Day of the Dead costumes. For these all-time favourites, we’ve got some terrifying costumes for men and women. If you’re looking for a zombie costume, you’ll love our selection! From brides and grooms to doctors and nurses as well as school uniform inspired zombie costumes, these costumes are great for any Halloween themed party. Love decade parties? Check out the zombie versions of our popular 20s and 60s costumes.

With dresses, costumes, wigs, masks and other little details, our Day of the Dead costume collection includes everything you need for that creepy look. Don’t forget to complete your look with Day of the Dead make-up!

Skeletons costumes never go out of style! You will most likely go to at least one Halloween party where you can wear a Skeleton costume. So check our collection of skeleton dresses and costumes.

Halloween Couples Skeleton

Horror Movie Costumes

If you’re looking for a unique costume this Halloween, check out our horror film costumes. For all horror film fans out there, we have some terrifying costumes, including the officially licensed Saw Jigsaw and Saw Pig costumes for men and women. Looking for a quick makeover? Check out the Saw masks for an easy, but terrifying costume idea.

With the new Chucky movie coming out this year, Chucky costumes for men and women might be a great option for this Halloween. We have costumes, dresses, masks and make-up kits for completing the look. You can also dress up as the Bride of Chucky with a costume that includes a white dress, a black jacket and a choker.

Glamorous Costumes

If want to look glamorous this Halloween, we suggest Gothic masquerade and vampire costumes. If you decide to dress up as a vampire, don’t forget some blood for a truly effective and scary look. Our Gothic masquerade costumes include some glamorous options for men and women, including a stunning Black Widow Baroness and a Gothic Venetian Harlequin costumes.

Funny Costumes

Scary costumes aren’t for everyone! If you’re up for a giggle, pick a comedy costume, for example our Cereal Killer costume will definitely make you stand out from the crowd at the party! Dressing up as a pumpkin for Halloween might also might also be a fun dress up idea. Why not dress up as a giant inflatable pumpkin this year?

We would love to see what costumes you decide to wear for Halloween this year, so share your outfit pictures on Facebook or Instagram!

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