Sugar Skull Face Paint Make-Up Tutorial

Sugar Skull Face Paint Make-Up Tutorial

This Sugar Skull Make Up tutorial will totally transform your Day of the Dead costume this Halloween.

This beautiful Sugar Skull Make-Up tutorial is perfect for this Halloween. Featuring a modern twist this look is right on trend and is sure to turn heads at any party. With bold and beautiful red, black, orange, green and white coloured face paint, this look can be easily mastered with a few simple steps. Perfect for completing your Sugar Skull fancy dress or other Day of the Dead Halloween costumes

Our easy to follow step by step videos will help you create the ultimate transformation this Halloween.

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Make up Make up tutorial instructions

• Using a sponge dab white over entire face and neck including the lips but avoiding the eye area.

• Dab red lightly around the hairline, along the cheekbones and around the jaw line using a sponge to blend with the white.

• Add orange to the face where the red meets the white on the hairline and cheekbones and across the top of the eyebrows and inner eye socket.

• If required using a brush or sponge ensure all white sections are entirely covered especially around the nose and forehead.

• Using a brush ad black to inner corners of eyes and across eyelid and then add to the lower lash line.

• Add green to the outer edges of the black around the eye, up to and over the eyebrow to ensure entire eye socket is covered.

• Make sure all black areas are clearly defined and then blended into the green.

• Outline the green with black around the whole eye area, using a fine brush. Then add semi circles around the black and outline on the whole of the eye.

• Add a black line between the eyes, add curved lines out and across the top of the eyes on both sides, all joining the same point.

• Add spider web style lines between the curved lines, getting further from each other as you work up to the forehead.

• Add shadow to the spider web lines by dabbing and blending black paint with a brush.

• Paint a black line from the mouth to the hairline, following the cheekbone.

• Add a swirl to the centre of the line towards the eye and decorate with semi circles to match the decoration on the eye. Repeat on both sides.

• Paint a black line down the centre of the lower section of the nose. Make into a diamond shape at the tip of the nose.

• Add a central line and three lines to each side of the upper lip. Repeat on the lower lip.

• Paint pink inside the semicircles surrounding the eye. Repeat on the cheeks with alternate pink and green paint to fill the semi circles.

• Define the black line along the cheek by painting the section from the hairline to swirl with green and from the swirl to mouth, with pink. Repeat on both sides.

• Add chosen wig and style.

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