How to Recycle Clothes For Money?

How to Recycle Clothes For Money?

Here in the UK we buy more clothes per person than any other country in Europe. Resulting in around 300,000 tonnes of discarded clothes getting burned or buried in landfill every year. 

It's likely you have heard bad things about the fast fashion industry but it's still hard to comprehend just how damaging to the planet it really is.

Smiffys have partnered up with ReGAIN, an app which is working to help people responsibly dispose of their unwanted clothes, accessories and shoes. ReGAIN is combatting the effects of the fast fashion industry by providing it's users with an easy and free way to contribute to circular fashion instead. Your old clothes are either recycled, reused or made into new products, and to make things even better you earn exclusive discounts for your favourite stores.




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