Classic Fairy Tale Character Costumes

Classic Fairy Tale Character Costumes

Once Upon A Time... Our imaginations were captivated by the short stories of magical lands and fairy tale creatures. Fairy tales play a huge part in literacy education for young children, introducing them to story writing and helping to develop reading their skills. Over the years, the stories have been adapted to help teach children lessons about life and the world around them. So it's no wonder they're such a popular theme for Book Day costumes each year. 

We have rounded up a selection of costumes that your child is sure to love showing off to their friends in the playground this year. Remember the date of World Book Day this year is Thursday 2nd March 2023!



bo peep costumekids lamb costume

Most of us know Bo Peep from her famous nursery rhyme, but she can actually be found in many pieces of literature. 'Little Bo Peep' was written by Joseph Kronheim in 1875 which turns the famous nursery rhyme into a short story. In the tale, Bo Peep actually finds her sheep thanks to the help of some elves and a princess who is trapped in the form of an owl... weird, we know!

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Disney Cinderella CostumePrince Charming Costume

You'd be hard pressed to find a child that isn't a fan of the tale of Cinderella, there are so many adaptations, even in recent years thanks to Disney! For decades, children have imagined themselves as Cinderella or Prince Charming. Let your child live out their dream for the day this Book Day in these costumes. 

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Goldilocks costumeKids Bear Costume

Goldilocks and the Three Bears is one of the most well-known fairy tales but did you know it's English? This is quite unique as the majority of the fairy tales we are taught growing up come from German folklore! Goldilocks is a classic tale of a young girl who let's herself into the house of three bears and learns the hard way that bears are very precious about their porridge!

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red riding hood costumeKids Wolf Costume

The villainous Big Bad Wolf makes appearances in many stories but is especially chilling in Little Red Riding Hood, as he tricks Red Riding Hood into thinking he's her Grandma! If you or your child wants to dress up as the Big Bad Wolf this Book Day, why don't you take your costume to the next level and wear a nightie and sleeping cap over the costume! We also have Red Riding Hood costumes available in a range of sizes for both children and adults - making this a great option if you are teacher dressing up this year!

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We hope this has given you some fancy dress ideas for World Book Day this year! While you're here, why dont you check out the other articles posted on our Book Day Blog!

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