David Walliams Fancy Dress

How much do you know about the wonderful World of David Walliams?

David Walliams is one of the biggest Children’s Author’s of the last decade. Writing 12 Novels and selling over 22 million books worldwide since the release of his breakthrough story ‘The Boy in the Dress’ in 2008. Even spending over 100 weeks at the number-one position in the children’s book charts as he cemented himself as one of the UK’s best-loved Children’s Authors.

This year, to help celebrate World Book Day and the launch of our World of David Walliams costume collection, we wanted to find out how big a David Walliams fan you are, and have put together a fantastic, family friendly quiz filled with fun facts and trivia to find out once and for all;

How much do you know about the wonderful World of David Walliams?

Could you tell your ‘Awful Auntie’ from a ‘Gangsta Granny’? Are you more like ‘Mr Stink’ or ‘Billionaire Boy’? Take our Quiz below to find out!

In 'Gangsta Granny', Ben finds out his Granny used to be?
Grandpa from 'Grandpas Great Escape' was in which Armed Forces?
The Spuds made their money selling?
What is 'Mr Stinks' real name?
In 'Awful Auntie', why did Aunt Alberta fight with the Germans in World War 1?
What is 'Awful Aunties' Owl called?
After Burts Burger Van is no more. What do Zoe and Dad turn his Van into?
In the 'Boy in the Dress', what does Dennis call himself when he's wearing a dress?
In 'Billionaire Boy', what sort of creature is Joe’s butler?
What book does Raj the shopkeeper NOT appear in?
If you want a wonderful World of David Walliams Fancy Dress costume for this years World Book Day, our brand new collection contains 8 outfits covering all of his best loved Characters and comes in a range of sizes from Toddler all the way to Teen.

Your Children can escape to an imaginary world in our ‘Grandpas Great Escape’ costume, look like an international jewel thief in our Gangsta Granny outfit or simply enjoy one of our other amazing fancy dress costumes including ‘Ratburger’, ‘Mr Stink‘ and ‘Billionaire Boy’.

Don’t forget, this years World Book Day is on March 1st. So start planning soon!

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