Collection: Batman Costumes

Perhaps the greatest self-made Superhero of all time... Bruce Wayne adopts the double life of Gotham City’s vigilante. By day, he's a playboy billionaire but by night he uses the alias of Batman to take to the streets to fight criminals and some of the darkest villains out there. This collection of Batman costumes boasts a wide selection of the most popular looks we’ve seen over the decades like this 1966 Batman from the classic TV show starring Adam West as the caped crusader, or for something more recent, why not choose one of the Brave & Bold Costumes inspired by the 2008 kids cartoon. Finally, the collection wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from The Dark Knight who was tested to the limit by some of the most infamous DC Villains like Joker and Bane! Head over to our DC Comics Costumes page for more comic book characters that fought alongside or against The Defender of Gotham!

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