Collection: Flapper Costumes

We have a fabulous collection of flapper costumes in all sizes and colours, for both adults and children. Way back when, over a hundred years ago, bold women chose to buck the trend of fashion, and ditch the corsets, in an era known as the roaring twenties. Opting for a shapeless fitting dress, that sat just below the knee with fringe edging, flappers were confident women that became iconic, so much so, we're producing flapper costumes a hundred years later. Flapper dresses call for some important accessories to complete your outfit. Namely, a bob wig, a Charleston headband, some peals and a cigarette holder. Pair these with some kitten heels, and of course a friendly gangster, and you're pretty much set to go. Now, we've got a fair few flapper dresses to choose from so a little help may be needed here. Black flapper dresses are the most popular. But that's not to say red flapper costumes and white flapper costumes aren't iconic too, because they are.

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