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KISS are a classic rock band that rose to fame in the 70's, and while their music is definitely not to be dismissed. It was their astounding outfits, extravagant make up and electrifying performances and stage shows that played a huge part in them selling over 75 million records worldwide. If you're looking for a costume that will really make a statement, then a KISS costume is the perfect choice for you. With their badass, black leather costumes, white faceup and jaw-dropping make-up, the KISS look may be easy to pull off, but it's definitely one of the most impactful. Especially if you can get your whole group of friends together to represent the entire band! We've put all the best accessories together in one place, to help you pull of the best possible interpretation of the band that changed the game with their mix of fist-pounding hard rock and ballads powered by loud guitars. Perhaps the best thing about this fancy dress idea, is that it's so iconic, you don't even have to recreate one of the original outfit looks, you can have fun creating your own version of their look. Get creative with Smiffys FX Face Paint, and use your own make up design to express your stage-ego like Paul Stanley's 'Starchild', or Gene Simmons' 'Demon'. While we think you should leave the fire breathing to Gene, you can have easily have ago at his blood spitting theatrics with some Smiffys Fake Blood. So whether you're dressing up as your favourite member of the band or creating your own unique look, we have everything you need to make it happen and get you ready to Rock and Roll All Nite!

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