Shrek Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

Shrek Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

The infamous Shrek Rave has officially landed in the UK and if you've managed to get your hands on some tickets, you're going to need to look the part! Fancy dress is huge at this event and you're more likely to stand out dressed in normal clothes.

Now is not the time to play it cool, the organisers of the event even state 'cool is dead'... now is a time to peel back those layers, have some fun and get yourself shreked!

If you need some inspiration for your Shrek Rave outfit, below we've listed some tips and ideas to help you best recreate character looks and linked some products we think might help!


Ugly Stepsister Doris 

Doris Shrek
There have been some brilliant Doris costumes at previous Shrek raves so far! Let's show them how it's done here in the UK.

  • This medieval dress works perfectly for Doris!
  • Then you just need to do a plaited updo with your hair. Or head over to our collection of brown wigs if your feeling brave! 
  • Cover up your natural brows and redraw some incredibly thin high brows instead.
  • Probably the best way to recreate Doris' makeup, is to close your eyes and just have a go with some red lipstick and blue eye shadow! Ok we're joking but her haphazard look wont be hard to copy. The toughest part is covering your natural eyebrows which can be achieved using our Spirt Gum and following these instructions.


Fairy Godmother 

Fairy Godmother Shrek
You know all eyes will be on you as soon as the DJ starts playing 'I Need A Hero' so you better put the effort in for this one!

  • You can easily achieve her hair style with a simple up-do and a bit of silver or grey hair spray.
  • If you already have a red sequin dress in your wardrobe you're sorted! If not you can always hit the shops to find one that suits your needs. 
  • To finish off the look you need some wings and a wand to wave around in her flamboyant and slightly unhinged style. Honestly we think big wings in a rave crowd would be a nightmare. So these Mini Glitter Wings and this Star Wand are the perfect finishing touches.

Lord Farquaad

Lord Farquaad Shrek
The pint-sized king we all loved to hate growing up. That being said, we have seen some pretty freaky Lord Farquaad costumes being worn at previous raves. And we are here for it!  So this costume is really up to your interpretation, go as comical or as sexy as you want!

  • A black wig and a red hat like this beret is our answer to Lord Farquaad at a rave.
  • Some long red gloves are also key to impersonating the pint-sized Lord.
  • This Lord Costume is great if your looking to recreate the look straight from the film.



Dragon and DOnkey Shrek v2
Dragon and Donkey's love story is a true testament to the phrase 'Love conquers all'. Any couples heading to a Shrek rave together should consider going as this iconic duo.
  • A key a accessory you'll need is this Red Dragon Kit.
  • These Moon Glow Face Jewels give a perfect scale effect around the eyes. They'll also give off a UV glow under blacklights or UV lighting!
  • The rest is open to interpretations again! 



Thelonious Shrek
He hasn't quite mastered the art of finger counting yet... but he should still be a strong contender for fancy dress outfit!

  • First you'll need something like this Black Balaclava.
  • His outfit is easy to recreate with large grey tops and a belt.
  • Most importantly we recommend you make one of Thelonious' boards.


Shrek & Fiona 

Shrek and Fiona
They're just a couple of mean, green loving machines really! From Far Far Away all the way to Duloc they're loved by the people so expect some serious respect as you enter the rave in these costumes! 

  • Make use of our Shrek and Fiona costumes for a fuss free way to impress your friends at the Shrek rave.
  • Or check out this collection of Shrek Costumes which includes accessories like Fiona's plaited hair wig and Shrek masks if you're planning on putting a funky twist on your costume. 


Just look at the video we shared in our previous article, Shrek Rave Has Landed to see how everyone really does go for it with their costumes. But to entice you a little more the organisers of the event have stated there will be a £100 prize for the best fancy dress! If you hurry you can buy tickets here before they sell out!

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