This is not a drill... The Shrek Raves have landed and it’s quite possibly going to be the most exciting fancy dress event of the year!

Everyone is welcome in the swamp and you best believe that everyone is going all out! The viral sensation that is the Shrek Rave blew up last year as it toured across America and the comments on online videos were flooded with requests to come to different cities all over the UK.

Our Pixar prayers have been answered and the dates and locations have  officially been announced. First release tickets for many of the cities have already sold out so don’t hang about. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect at one of these manic raves.


Vibes just as good as the films

This is not a place for the pretentious. The official website literally says ‘it’s dumb just come and have fun’ and 'cool is dead'. So don't be a vibe killer... peel back them layers and just have some fun! The films have stood the test of time partly because they are entertaining for everyone, just like this rave will be, so everyone is welcomed into the swamp.


Legendary Fancy Dress 

When they say 'DRESS CODE = GREEN' they really mean it. Believe us when we say you will look more out of place in normal clothes than in fancy dress at this event. If that's not enough to persuade you to embrace your inner ogre, giveaways have been quoted such as a £100 cash prize for the best fancy dress!

So will you be an ogre on a quest to find his princess, the not-so noble steed, Lord Farquaad shooting his shot or the Ugly Stepsister Doris, the barmaid you wouldn’t wanna mess with! See our list of Shrek fancy dress and how to recreate the iconic outfits.


Amazing Music 

Let’s be honest, it would be hard for the organisers to mess this one up as the films (in our opinion) have some of the greatest soundtracks of all time (and we're willing to die on that hill). But the DJ’s at these events pull it out of the bag by mixing the soundtracks and movie moments into the ultimate party bangers that you cant help but dance to. Oh and bring your A-game for the dance offs!


Swamp Water!

No we're not talking about something awful that will ruin your costume. We're talking about the drinks menu! This is no normal night out so why would you stick to your normal spirit mixer. Ravers have been promised 'swamp inspired drinks' and based on what we've heard from the US events, they get you pretty shreked!

shrek rave

So get ready for the ultimate night out, you can stay up late swapping rave stories and in the morning recover with waffles! It's safe to say there may be some Smiffys employees embracing their inner ogre as well!

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