Halloween Cocktails and Food

Halloween Cocktails and Food

Creepy Cocktails and Freaky Food

Hosting a Halloween Party? Why not treat your guests to some frighteningly good Food and Drink.

At Halloween we never forget the sweets for the Trick or Treaters. So why do we always forget to properly plan food and drink for when the adults arrive later?

Food and drink is often forgotten in the party planning, but can be a truly great way to help your party stand out from the crowd and really emphasize your theme with food and drink. Halloween is perfect for this, and can give you and your guests hours of enjoyment with fun and playful food that will totally transform you back to being a big kid again.

Here we choose some of our favourite Creepy Cocktails and Freaky Food that are perfect for your Halloween party or event.

Creepy Halloween Cocktails

Zombie Punch

The perfect Horror punchbowl, Zombie Punch is a concoction of rums and fruit juices strong enough to revive the undead! Served in a Hollowed out pumpkin Zombie Punch can even become part of your party’s décor

Find the recipe here

Blood Orange Margaritas

What says Halloween Horror more than drinking blood coloured liquids whilst wearing fancy dress? Well now too can join in the fun with this terrifying take on the traditional Margarita – A Blood Orange Margarita

Find the recipe here

Swamp Water Surprise

This creepy cocktail is all about what you can’t see below the surface! A creepy cousin of the frozen daiquiri a Swamp Water Surprise is a rum based cocktail that will have you wondering what lurks below the surface!

Find the recipe here

Bloody Brain Shooter

A homage to the countless Zombie costumes that adorn any Halloween party or event, the Bloody Brains Shooter is a shot with a brain seemingly floating on the surface. Filled with Vodka and Baileys, the bloody brain shooter will blow your mind in more ways than one!

Find the recipe here

BlackBerry Sage Margarita

Bubbling away like a witch’s cauldron, a Blackberry Sage Margarita takes your creepy cocktails to a whole new level with dry ice smoke effects during the cocktail into as much a decorative piece as delicious cocktail. So, if you’re pulling out all the stops for your Halloween Party, why not get the party started with a BlackBerry Sage Margarita for your guests.

Find the recipe here

Freaky Halloween Food

Candy Apples

A popular American Halloween past time, Candy Apples were solely associated with bonfire night until a few years ago. Since then however, as with all things American, they have taken the UK Halloween market storm and have been inexplicably associated with Halloween ever since. Great fun for both Adults and Children, and easy and quick to make.

Find the recipe here

Sweet and Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

An amazing snack that’s ideal for nibbles, Sweet and Spicy pumpkin seeds taste great and are perfect for a Halloween Party. Filled with wintery and autumnal flavours such as ginger and cinnamon, your guests will be guaranteed a taste sensation when they try this amazing Sweet and Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

Find the recipe here

Tarantula Tacos

Another dish that fits fantastically onto the snack table, Tarantula Tacos add a much-needed bit of savoury to what is normally the sweetest holiday of the year. A slight twist on regular tacos, Tarantula Tacos are all about the decoration, design and a steady hand when you’re putting the dish together.

Find the recipe here

Halloween Flayed Man

The perfect centre piece creation, the Halloween flayed man works wonderfully on any snack table no matter what type of party you attend. Taking its shape from a classic ninja Mask, you’ll find yourself staring strangely at its eyes as they seem to follow you around the room. A great conversation starter as well as being delicious.

Find the recipe here

Pull Apart Graveyard Cupcakes

Now we know what you’re thinking…. You can’t have a Halloween recipe list without cupcakes! Well don’t worry, last but certainly not least we have our Pull Apart Graveyard Cupcakes. Freakishly fun and scarily tasty to boot, our Graveyard cupcakes are super Halloween-ey and great for both Adults and Children.

Find the recipe here

Well there you have it, all our favourite Halloween Cocktails and Food. We hope our list of favourite dishes has given you some great ideas and inspiration for your upcoming Halloween party.

Party Guide

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