Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas

Hoping for a Halloween with a difference? Check out our alternative Halloween party theme ideas.

Every year as Halloween rolls around we see the same themes, characters and costumes at every Party, Bar and Nightclub you enter as an array of (sexy) Witches, Skeletons and blood covered Doctors are everywhere in your eyeline. If you’re looking to do something a little differently this year, whether at your house party or as a bit of fun amongst your friends, why not pick a totally out-there theme and see what creative costumes you and your friends come up with? Below we’ve found some fantastically fun Party themes that is sure to spawn some hilarious outfits.


1. Scary Celebs

We’ve all seen groups of guys dressed up as the Spice Girls, showing off their best Scary Spice impression or pretending to be Posh Spice. Well now you have a Halloween twist – Scary Celebrities! Come as any celebrity you like, dead or alive, and make sure you give them a Halloween makeover to remember. Think Michael Jackson in Thriller, Donatella Versace post plastic Surgery or Marilyn Manson well…. normally. 

Bonnie and Clyde Zombie Costumes

2. Deadly Decades

Decade parties are fantastically fun as they not only involve dressing up, but totally transporting yourself back to a previous decade with themed food, drink music and decorations! For those fancying the idea, the 50's & 70's were both fantastic decades for Horror. For the 1950's think of the classic films like Dracula, Godzilla, and The Blob! Even if you haven't seen the films, you're sure to recognise the poster artwork which will make great photo backdrops to get some snaps with your guests. And thanks to films like the The Exorcist, the 1970's saw horror films make it to the mainstream cinema. Let's not forget the iconic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which will have some of your 70's music and costumes sorted straight away!

Decade themed party

3. Make yourself into a movie character

We all have a favourite film or TV characters, so the ‘Make yourself into a movie character’ theme can work wonderfully for a Halloween party, with many of your guests already having someone in mind they can dress up as where they’ll feel comfortable in their fancy dress. Scary / Dark characters are ideal, however a bit of blood and makeup can transform any film based fancy dress into a truly terrifying costume.

4. Scary Tales

Re-live your youth but with a terrifying twist by choosing a ‘Scary Tales’ theme. Simply select a classic children’s character, it doesn’t matter whether it’s from your favourite childhood book or film and give them a deadly makeover. You could turn up as zombie Robin Hood, a mutant Little Mermaid or the ghost of Goofy. Just as long as long as you look like you’ve woken up in a cartoon graveyard!

Halloween Fairy tale Party Theme

5. Haunted House

With all the modern costumes that cover every style of outfit imaginable (and more!), the traditional Halloween costumes can often be seen to take a back seat in favour of popular modern costume such as Day of the Dead. This year, why not bring it back to the old-school and host your very own Haunted House themed party, where guests are only able to wear traditional Halloween fancy dress costumes such as Witches, Devils, Ghosts, Skeletons and all the other classic costumes that are often forgotten in the modern Halloween phenomenon.

6. History repeats itself theme

Always great for a laugh, why not get your friends to dress up as their favourite historical characters for your Halloween party? Your friends can come as any of character in History from a creepy Cleopatra all the way to a Wicked Winston Churchill. Just make sure they give their character a terrifying twist to suit the Halloween theme.

Historical Halloween Theme Party Ideas

7. Medieval Madness

With beheadings, battles and who knows what else the Medieval times were scary all year round, so why not choose it as your Halloween party theme this year? Your guests could turn up as Tudor executioner, murderous Monk or a creepy Crusader In a theme that has endless possibilities. Not only that, but you could also choose some amazing decorations such as candlesticks, goblets and other medieval style props that can really add to the horror atmosphere.

Medieval Halloween Theme Party

Well there you have it, some truly terrifying Halloween party themes and ideas that make for a memorable night for you and your guests. But which one will you choose?

Party Guide

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