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If you’re not lucky enough to be born as a natural red-head, it can be difficult to recreate a recognisable look of a red haired character! Don’t worry though… that’s where Smiffys come in! We have put together this collection of red wigs to help you perfect any costume! Supplying the goods for any Disney fans, our experts have created the Fever Khloe Wig and the Desire Wig, so you can head under the sea to become The Little Mermaid, Ariel on any budget. Feeling fiery? You might be more suited as The Queen Of Hearts, this Heart Wig is a must for anyone looking to recreate the psychotic Queen! The same goes for anyone looking to dress up as the legendary David Bowie, rather than giving yourself a permanent red mullet haircut, let Smiffys do the work for you and wear our Space Superstar Wig instead!

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