Collection: The Exorcist Costumes

Dive headfirst into the depths of terror with our chilling assortment of Exorcist-inspired costumes. Pay homage to the iconic horror classic that has sent shivers down spines for generations. Transform into the valiant priest who battle the forces of evil. The Warner Brother’s Father Merrin costume exudes an air of authority and resolve, perfect for those who prefer to be the exorcist rather than the possessed. Alternatively, if your looking for a creepy couples costume… get your partner to become the living nightmare of Regan MacNeil.  Our range of costumes and accessories recreates her possessed appearance, complete with dishevelled hair, ghastly makeup, and eerie nightgown. So whether you're a fan of supernatural suspense or just want to embody the dread of demonic possession, our Exorcist Costumes Collection has you covered!