Collection: TV & Movie Masks

The pressure of recreating a famous face can be a lot. Imagine spending hours working with face paint to transform yourself into Shrek for someone to then ask if you’re dressed as The Hulk! Our range of TV & Film masks are a really quick and effective way to easily show everyone the famous character you’ve become for the day! Perfect for quickly transforming your kids into Peter Rabbit, Shaun the Sheep or even a friendly Fox for World Book Day, if you want a hassle free morning! You’ll also find a lot of character masks from classic horrors and scary films in this collection. Sometimes you just need to look as realistic as possible in order to scare the daylights out of your friends! You can get Freddy Krueger’s burnt face in seconds or cast people back to their childhood nightmares instantly when you don this Chucky mask. Or try this horrifying Annabelle mask if you fancy being more of a modern, traumatic children’s toy! Looking for more creepy masks? Try our Halloween Masks collection.

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