Collection: Beards & Moustaches

At Smiffys we understand it's unrealistic (and sometimes not possible) to expect you to grow facial hair specifically to suit your fancy dress. That's why we have a superb selection of fake beards and moustaches that allow you to add depth to your character without waiting for those hairs to grow on your chin and upper lip. Our collection of fake beards and moustaches covers a whole host of characters to ensure whatever style you want, we have the perfect product for you. Whether it's character specific styles you're search for such as our Pirate Beard and Teddy Boy Sideburns, or you're after more generic items including our Seventies tash or Long beard that are perfect for pairing with a wide range of fancy dress. If you're struggling to grow a goatee or any other type of facial hair, look no further than Smiffys fake beard and moustache selection.

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