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Helmets are typically worn to protect the head of a person, this makes them common attire in places like battlefields or for people with potentially dangerous jobs. So not only are they imperative in the real world but a good helmet is also essential to pull off a brilliant cosplay or fancy dress costume! Whether you're looking for a full-face helmet to complete your Medieval Crusader costume, or a Top Gun fighter pilot helmet to top off a Maverick costume, we've got you(r head) covered with our collection of Helmets! We've got many helmets to choose from, including those inspired by famous warriors like the Roman Soldiers or Vikings! And, of course, all our helmets are made to be as authentic and genuine as possible, so you can be sure that when you put it on, you'll feel like the real deal - It's just important to remember that they're only for decoration so don't go running into any walls to test them out! That will hurt! If you are keen to include some head gear in your costume but none of these suit your theme, check out our extensive range of Hats & Headwear for lots more choice.

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