Collection: 80s Wigs

Where do we even begin with our collection of 80’s inspired wigs!! It is by far the biggest of collection of decade inspired hairstyles we have. The 80’s saw famous musicians influence society with more than just their music, artists like Madonna and Boy George had a huge influence on fashion and hairstyle trends as well… and they all seemed to get the big, bold and bright memo! This collection honestly has it all, from wigs influenced by specific icons like George Michael, to generic hairstyles that can be used to transform you into any 80s Rock n Roll hero. Or if you’re looking for something colourful our 80s Attitude and Fun Girl Crimp wigs will definitely make heads turn when paired with a colourful jumpsuit, just like the many Mullet wigs in this collection! The trend setters of the 80s weren’t just using their hairstyles to make a statement, 80s fashion was also really big on accessories like legwarmers, fingerless gloves and chunky neon coloured jewellery. Making our collection of 80s Accessories page a must visit if you want to make your costume funky fresh!

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