As March fast approaches, get your child ready to wow their friends and classmates with the best World Book Day fancy dress! If you are looking for kids book week costume then you've come to the right place. At Smiffy's, we offer a whole host of licensed book day costumes from popular and classic children's books, suitable for both boys, girls and teachers ensuring that you won't be short of choice.

World Book and Copyright Day, as it is sometimes known, is annual charity event held in the UK and Ireland on the first Thursday in March. The event focuses on the promotion of reading and publishing and is most famous for children dressing up as their favourite book character. This year is extra special as it marks the 25th anniversary of World Book Day but the mission remains the same - for more children, from all backgrounds to develop a lifelong passion of reading for fun!

So think of characters like Where's Wally or books like Goosebumps and you kind of get the gist. The next event
falls on Thursday 3rd March 2022. The event is different to that of Children's Book Week, now known as Bookstart Week. We have brand new Julia Donaldson and David Walliams costume collections that features outfits of all their most popular characters. Or, your children can amaze their friends as an Awesome Egyptian, or look great as a Groovy Greek with our Horrible Histories costumes. Alternatively, the Willy Wonka costume from our extensive Roald Dahl Costumes fancy dress collection may just be the magic ticket for your little one to please the playground. As always, as with any Smiffy's fancy dress costume, your child's safety is our number one priority. With all of our costumes adhering to the strictest safety and quality standards, there's no reason why not to don an Enid Blyton costume or dress up as Peter Rabbit.

A great way to get children reading for fun is by finding an author they enjoy because the chances are that if they like the story and writing style of one book, they’ll like the rest as well! We are extremely lucky to have some of the most successful children’s authors come from right here in the UK. Stories from the imagination of Enid Blyton have been enjoyed all over the world for nearly 100 years, publishing her first book back in 1922. There’s also new homegrown talent like David Walliams, who only published his first book in 2008 but has since become a multi-award winning author!

If your little book worm has already decided on their favourite book character then we know there’s no hope of changing their mind. But the others who haven’t decided what to dress up as yet, should have a look through our children’s book costume collections. We have made sure to include a wide variety of books so your child can choose what they enjoy the most whether that be the colourful characters from the Cat In The Hat or the ghastly husband and wife from The Twits.

Once upon a time… the short stories we call fairy-tales captured all of our imaginations, we all could get lost in the tales of brave knights, beautiful princesses and dangerous dragons. They are often the first type of story children learn about in school and teach important lessons of Good vs. Evil so this collection of fairy-tale costumes are sure to make a great world book day costume whether you want to make up your own character or go for a well known fable such as Little Red Riding Hood or Robin Hood.

There are many familiar faces that children recognize from TV or the big screen that actually originate between the pages of children’s books. Mary Poppins is a great example of an iconic film character that originally came from a book series. These characters and the stories they come from are a wonderful way of getting young children interested in reading! Do you have a little one obsessed with Marvel and DC Comics films? Well as they all originate from comic books, they’re another great idea for a World Book Day Costume!

Transport yourself to another era with a historical world book day costume this year! How about using a Viking costume to dress up as a character from a Norse Mythology, or our Greek costumes collection has all the togas and golden laurel leaf you need to transform yourself into Zeus or Athena from Ancient Greek mythology! You could even ask your child to do their own research and find a historic warrior they want to dress up as – Whether they choose a Medieval Knight or a Roman Gladiator this collection will have the perfect costume!

Is your child’s favourite book character an hero? We’re not talking about Superman or Wonder Woman, but a real everyday hero like our Nurses, Doctors, Firefighters and Police Officers? If so, we have all you need to complete the look with our huge range of uniform & occupation fancy dress costumes. Seriously it’s huge, you’re covered for uniforms from the seas, all the way to the skies with this collection and we have sizes to fit all!

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