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We have some of the best Goldilocks costumes and accessories for all the family. Goldilocks and the Three Bears, is a famous 19th Century Fairy Tale. The story involves a little girl called Goldilocks, and three bears called Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear who all live in a house in the woods. One morning, the bears make porridge for breakfast, but it's too hot for them to eat, so they take a wonder into the woods to allow some time for it to cool. A little girl called Goldilocks, so happens to spot the house in the woods, and walks in. She then eats Baby Bear's porridge and sits in his chair, which accidentally breaks. With that, she decides to sleep in Baby Bear's bed. The bears return to notice what's happened, and Goldilocks jumps out of the window to never be seen again. A pretty dark ending if you ask us! But perfect for for your next fairy tale fancy dress costume. We have cute Goldilocks dresses for girls and women, with some superb quality blonde wigs. But if you are going as a family or a group, then be sure to take a look at our Three Bears costumes for the boys and men. Be sure to take a bowl of porridge as a prop to complete your look.

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