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Buckle up and get ready for a speedy tour of the Smiffys belt collection! We’ve got everything from absolute essentials like Santa Belts – we wish good luck to anyone trying to enjoy all the mince pies and running house to house without one! On the other side of the spectrum we have Neon Belts that honestly have no purpose other than making your 80s outfit look totally rad! This Sequin Belt that resembles 1950’s cinch style belt is perfect for tying together your Swing or Pin Up style costume. Finally we’ll do a quick round up of our cowboy belts and holsters! This Bandolier was originally used by cowboys to lighten the load of the ammunition on their hips, but being honest, we just like it because it looks pretty bad ass. Now, with all that ammunition your going to need something to fire it with so get prepared with a selection of pistol Holster Belts! So don’t jump the gun, see if this collection had the perfect finishing touch to your costume.

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