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For nearly 100 years, Disney has been providing moments of magic and endless entertainment for people of all ages. The heroes and villains that once fascinated our childhood are the very same characters that will one day captivate our own children. This is possible because Disney has been able to stand this test of time by growing with its audiences and staying up to date with the world around it.

As new characters and stories are introduced to us through films and TV series it would be silly not to create a home for all our offical Disney fancy dress costumes for you to browse through. Organised by films or characters, you can find the shoe that fits in our Disney Princess Collection. Or why dont you look through our Disney Villain Collection to stir up some trouble on the dark side! We have an enchanting range of officially licenced Disney costumes as well costumes from our talented design team that have been dreamt up with faith, trust and a little pixie dust to look just like your favourite characters!