Collection: Halloween Fairytale Costumes

Once upon a time in a horror land far, far away lived the characters too scary for most, they're just waiting for Halloween to come out! At Smiffys, we've given the fairies, princesses and heroes from your favourite fairy tales a twisted Halloween make-over. With Fairytale inspired Halloween costumes for Men, Women and Kids, there's something for everyone! You can cast your Evil spells in our Zombie Fairy or Queen of Hearts costumes, or host your own terrifying tea party thanks to the brilliant Bad Hatter, Rabbid Rabbit and Alice in Blunderland. Don't forget to also accessorise your outfit with our amazing accessories and make-up collection, complete evil face paint, fake blood, and some wonderful wigs for completing your costume. Whatever you do this Halloween, a frightening Fairytale costume from Smiffys is sure to cause a scare. Just make sure you stay away from Snow Fright and her Zombie Dwarfs!

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