Collection: Vampire Costumes

I want to suck your blood! Fancy yourself as a wannabe Vampire? At Smiffys we have plenty of Men's, Ladies and Children's Vampire costume guaranteed to cause a reaction this Halloween! Whether you go for something sexy or scary (or both!), Vampires are the perfect choice for Halloween costumes. For scary, our traditional but terrifying Dracula, Vampire and Dark Temptress costumes are sure to scare anyone at your next event. For sexy, our Vixen Vamp, Fever Vampiress and Immortal Vampiress Costumes are guaranteed to get the blood going (excuse the pun!) ! Whatever Vampire costume you choose this Halloween, make sure you complete your look with a set of Vampire Fangs and plenty of Fake Blood. We even have a Vampire Makeup Kit to make achieving that blood-sucking look super easy, just be sure to avoid wooden stakes and garlic at the Halloween party, and make sure you're home before sunrise or else!

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