Halloween Safety Tips For Parents – Infographic

Halloween is a fantastically fun time of year for Children. Dressing up in the favourite costume, scary movies, spending time with their friends and of course eating sweets!

For parents, however, Halloween can be an evening fraught fear with danger. Whether it is worrying about the mountains of sweets your child is ingesting, terrified of trick or treating problems or cautious of a Kids Halloween costume nightmare. None of us can relax until we’re safely at home with our little monsters tucked up safely in bed.

But how do we make sure we can keep our children safe in their Halloween Costume, whilst still making sure they have the best Halloween possible? Below we have a wonderful bullet point guide to help keep our child safe this Halloween whether they’re out trick or treating, choosing a costume or doing decorations,


  • Ensure you or another responsible adult is accompanying young children.
  • For older Children who you trust to go out on their own, make sure they stick in a group and ensure at least one person has a mobile phone.
  • Never go into a stranger’s house or car.
  • Stay away from candles and other flames.
  • For trick-or-treaters coming to your home, ensure that your driveway/path is clear of any obstacles and there is a lit walkway from the beginning of your garden to your door (if possible). Family pets should also be kept away from trick or treaters – you may know your dog is harmless but the army of trick-or-treaters may not!
  • Make sure any sweets collected are all in original packaging and isn’t either torn or damaged. Any home-made sweets should be thrown out unless made by someone you know.


  • All packaging must contain the correct warnings, instructions and safety symbols. – this includes the CE mark, fire warnings and notice of compliance with the EN71 Toy Directive.
  • The manufacturers details must be on the label or packaging., This must include name, address, postcode, phone number and registered trademark.
  • Ensure children can see/breath correctly out of all masks, fake facial hair and other items that may cover your face.
  • Any toy weapons must be foam/plastic and bendable.


  • All Halloween lights, extension chords and other electricals should be kept out of reach of children.
  • Avoid using candles, or any other type of open flame in decorations children are going to be close too.
  • No decorations with risks of choking hazards are to be used around children.

Well there you have it, the Halloween safety guide that lets you have a frighteningly good night with the Kids this Halloween without having to worry about little injuries, accidents or anything else that may happen.

Need a quick reference? We’ve also placed it into a handy infographic for you!

Halloween Safety Tips for Parents

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