Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving

Decorate your Halloween Pumpkin with our free to download stencils

Halloween isn't complete without a pumpkin, so why not give yours the edge with our free stencils. The stencils are easy to download and printer friendly; the perfect party activity! We have included easy to follow instructions for use on each stencil. Happy Carving!

Top tip: Make your pumpkins safer for trick or treaters with coloured glow sticks or LED tealights instead of candles.

Did you know? Lanterns were first carved from turnips due to an excess of turnips across Ireland.

Pumpkin Stencils and Designs


What you will need: a pair of scissors, marker pen, printer and a creative hand!
1) Cut along the red dotted line
2) Cut out the grey areas with the black dotted lines
3) Place your template on your pumpkin (get an adult to help you with this part)
4) Use your marker pen to outline the shapes onto your pumpkin
5) Remove the template and you’re ready to carve your pumpkins

classic pumpkin

Decorate your house or porch with our traditional Pumpkin stencil design. Perfect for any style or home or theme, this nice and easy pumpkin design is a great starting stencil for children to try carving for the first time. This design is ready in minutes and a sure fire way to stencil success.

Difficulty: Easy

bat pumpkin

Bats have been around for hundreds of years and of course they are nocturnal. This bat design is the perfect fit for creating a spooky night time setting.

Difficulty: Moderate

Jack O' Lantern pumpkin
Jack O' Lantern

The term used to describe a carved, lit pumpkin. Jack O' Lantern belongs to the legend ‘Stingy Jack’. Jack became doomed to walk to earth, with only a lantern to guide him, for his frivolous ways. This simple design is the perfect way to carve your own Jack!

Difficulty: Easy

Crazy Pumpkin

If you’re looking for a wacky pumpkin carving, this is the perfect stencil to use. This is the perfect design for the weird and wonderful.

Difficulty: Moderate

Ghost window pumpkin
Ghost Window

Watch out for the Ghost! Ghosts have been associated with the supernatural for centuries. This design is the perfect accessory for any window decorations and will sure to leave passers-by in a fright.

Difficulty: Moderate

Spider pumpkin

This design is sure to leave your skin crawling. After all, what is Halloween without a few creepy crawlies?

Difficulty: Moderate

Terrifying Tree pumpkin
Terrifying Tree

This tricky tree design is sure to keep your little ones occupied. Why not have a go yourself and take on this spooky stencil?

Difficulty: Moderate

Witch pumpkin
Wicked Witch

This design will be-witch passers-by and please your little wicked ones.

Difficulty: Hard

cat pumpkin
Creepy Cat

Not everything has to be scary at Halloween and so we have this cute cat carving. This design won’t leave you feeling too 'unlucky'.

Difficulty: Hard

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