Gothic Skeleton Face Paint Halloween Make-Up Tutorial

Gothic Skeleton Face Paint Halloween Make-Up Tutorial

This Gothic Skeleton Make-Up tutorial will transform you into the scariest gothic skeleton this Halloween. This creepy look features striking black, ghoulish green, ghostly white and deadly grey to create the ultimate gothic look which is easy to achieve by following our step by step guide. Complete this costume with a gothic skeleton costume and glow in the dark body paint to really make you stand out this Halloween!

Our easy to follow step by step videos will help you create the ultimate transformation this Halloween. Finish the look with a Smiffys Skeleton costume

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Make up Make up tutorial instructions

BLOG1Using a black crayon or paint brush and black greasepaint, outline the eye sockets from above the eyebrows.

BLOG2Using the same black, then add two diamond shapes to the end of the nose. Add a curved line along the cheekbone towards the jaw to create a small V-shape. Outline over your crayon line with a brush, and fill in with black.

BLOG3Fill shape on nose with black. Using a sponge or brush add white to the rest of the face. Using a brush dab dark grey onto the forehead temples and blend around the edge of the entire face and inside the V-shape on both cheeks.

BLOG4Using a fine brush add lines from the eyes and nose to create an aged look. Add thin lines from the corners of the mouth outwards and along the inside of the lip line.

BLOG5Then add thin crack lines, vertically, above and below the mouth along the length of the line. Define the forehead lines, on the outer edge with thin outlines.

BLOG6Using a medium brush add green to the forehead shading and blend. Repeat inside cheek shading and add to the dark grey areas and blend.

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