Collection: Adult Zombie Costumes

With this post-apocalyptic collection of undead costumes you’ll have no problem finding the perfect zombie look this Halloween whether you’re trying to channel your inner Dawn Of The Dead or a more light-hearted Shaun Of The Dead! We have an unrivalled variety of costumes that takes inspiration from famous faces, occupations and sports, as well as zombies from different decades and even a range of animal zombie costumes! Can you find the costume that would be the most accurate version of your Zombie-self to go as this Halloween… are you more likely to ‘turn’ when playing golf or winning Prom Queen? You could even opt for the living dead version of your favourite fairy-tale character like this Woodland Fairy or a Snow Fright Zombie? There’s plenty of choice for both Men and Women in this collection which also includes the ultimate Halloween couples costume- Zombie Bonnie and Clyde! Once you’re set on the costumes, make sure you check out our Zombie Accessories page to complete your look with a makeup kit or some blood and wounds!

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