Collection: Arabian Costumes

We've got a great collection of Arabian costumes for adults and kids. When we think of Arabian fancy dress, we typically think of a keffiyeh and also a robe. The keffiyeh dates back to the Bedouin tribes, and it's purpose is to protect the back of the neck and face from sunburn and sand. Similarly the robe was cooling, as it allowed air to flow freely around the body. The patterns on the headdress can in some instances indicate the social status of the wearer. So whether you want to become Lawrence of Arabia, or the Fake Sheikh, then look no further than our collection of Arabian outfits. But ladies, don't despair, we have a range of genie costumes, Arabian princess costumes and belly dancer costumes, that are greatly popular for women and girls. If a full outfit is not you're preference, then be sure to check out our great Arabian accessories, such as our turbans, sultan hats, or why not have a laugh in one of our camel costumes? For more ideas check out our other international costumes collection.

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