Collection: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Costumes

This classic Roald Dahl story follows Charlie Bucket as he wins one of 5 golden tickets that allow him to take a tour around Willy Wonka’s top secret chocolate factory! Choose from a selection of costumes inspired by the characters Charlie meets on his adventure. From the horribly greedy Augustus Gloop, to the ghastly spoilt Veruca Salt there’s no short choice of ungrateful children to dress up as for the day. Despite just how terrible the children are, that doesn’t stop the story from holding a special place in our hearts. Whether you grew up reading the funny, melodic verses written about their unfortunate departures from the factory, or you first remember Violet Beauregard and Mike Teavee as the American kids carted off by Oompa Loompas in the 2005 film, the costumes in this collection will be instantly recognised by people of all ages! This is the case for all our Roald Dahl character costumes, making them a golden choice for this years World Book Day! Of course no Charlie and the Chocolate Factory collection would be complete without the most amazing, the most fantastic, the most extraordinary chocolate maker the world has ever seen – Mr Willy Wonka!

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