Collection: Circus Clown Costumes

It’s well-known that clowns are either loved or loathed so be ready to receive some mixed reactions when acting the fool in one of these circus clown costumes! If you’re known as the joker of the group and you’ve ended up here whilst on the hunt for the best fancy dress costume. Stop right there because this collection was made for you! The best thing about Clown fancy dress is that anything goes! Anyone can have a laugh transforming themselves into a colourful clown as we have costumes available for young boys and girls as well as plenty of choice for men and women. Then you can make yourself look as wacky or traditional as you like, as long as it’s mismatched and completely without logic you’re nearly ready to put on a show. Finally, all the finishing touches essential to any good clown costume can be found here on our Accessories page, it's filled with bright, bold accessories as well as horns and joke pistol props so you can really have some fun when they send in the clowns!

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