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The traditional clown makeup look featuring a painted white face was first introduced in 1801, then over time clowns began to use bold colours to paint shapes on their face to accentuate facial features and expressions. Ironically, it’s these shapes that made clowns so controversial, as our brain reads the face of a clown the oversized lips and eyebrows distort the face so that our brain can only perceive it as slightly human! There are many different clown makeup looks you could use as inspiration to help complete your costume, and with all the products at your disposal it can be tricky to know where to start. Smiffys have designed a range of products to make the process of doing your own clown makeup easy-peasy! If your struggling for clown makeup ideas, use the Clown Makeup Kit or the Pretty Clown Makeup Kit to recreate a cute and classic design that’s hassle free as the kits provide you with everything you need! Alternatively, you can create limitless designs if you pick up one of our Face Painting Pallettes or our traditional Carnival Greasepaints. They’re a great option whether you want to create a simple clown makeup look or want to show off your artistic skills. Once you’ve chosen between greasepaints or a paint pallet make sure you head over to our blog where you can watch step by step tutorials on how to recreate a Female Clown makeup or a Male Clown makeup!

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