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Throughout the years, dogs have always been our loyal best friends, hence the old adage “man’s best friend” and with a number of famous fictional dog characters, it’s no wonder that dog costumes are popular amongst adults and children alike. Whether you want to pay homage to your favourite fictional dog or you want to show your love for your pooch, it doesn’t matter, because we’ve got a variety of dog costumes for all ages, ranging from toddlers to adults. From Dalmatians to bulldogs to even that awful dog-pinching Cruella deVille, you’ll be able to find the dog outfit or accessories you’re looking for. You may look barking mad dressed up as a dog, but who are we to judge when we’re providing you with these canine costumes? Be sure to check out our other animal outfits if you're looking for something else, but if you're still sticking with the dog fancy dress theme, then you can also pair up with our cat costumes for some fun.

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