Collection: Eleven Costumes

If you're a fan of Stranger Things, then you're going to love our selection of Eleven costumes!
Eleven is a character from the show who possesses telekinetic powers. She was found in the woods by Mike Wheeler and his friends, and they soon discover that she may be the key to finding Will, their friend who has been missing for weeks. Eleven is, of course, one of the main stars of the show and one of the reasons why Stranger Things has been such a popular hit. Take a look at Eleven's iconic style, from that original dress and shaved head we see her style evolve just like her personality, in to a bright and bold aesthetic with some funky prints and bouncy hairstyles. We also have a range of different accessories like wigs and some very '80's' socks so you can complete your look in style, whatever event you're heading out to next. Check out our costume collection today, or explore the rest of our Stranger Things Costumes to find outfits of the other characters you've grown to love throughout the series.

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