Collection: Girls Superhero Costumes

If ever a collection of costumes screamed ‘Girl Power’ it’s this one! Let young girls be the hero of their own story in one of these superhero or comic book character costumes. To make it even more fun, why don’t they choose the character that they relate to the most… Are they a kind-hearted and super strong Supergirl? Or is your little girl confident and outgoing, like Wonder Woman? We have retro She-Ra costumes for those who want to fight for the Honour of Grayskull and from the DC Universe, we have officially licenced costumes of the fiercely independent and self-made Batgirl or the world class cat-burglar Catwoman! The Marvel Universe showed us that girls don’t always have to play nice, from secretive super-spies like Black Widow to bold and energetic baddies like Harley Quinn who show just how powerful girls can be!

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