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We've got one of the most comprehensive ranges of gorilla fancy dress, anywhere in the UK. Gorillas have been represented in popular culture for many years, so it’s no wonder gorilla costumes are popular with both kids and adults alike. Men, women, girls and boys are trying to emulate some of the most famous fictional gorilla characters there are. There’s literally a gorilla suit for everyone and every character! Ever since 1933, when King Kong first appeared on our screens, gorillas have been a movie and video game favourite. Gorillas in the Mist, Donkey Kong, and Congo are just a few media examples of this great ape taking the world by a storm. Despite their ferocious appearance, it’s hard not to love gorillas, which is why we stock the best gorilla costumes for every occasion – people are going ape over them! But, remember, no gorilla outfit looks authentic without some finishing touches, including an inflatable banana or if a full outfit isn't your thing then maybe just a gorilla mask? If you're going as a group why not pair up with our other animal outfits.

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