Collection: Jester & Harlequin Costumes

We have a fabulous collection of Jester costumes suitable for both adults and kids. Jesters are the life of the party, so if you fancy being the entertainer then this category is for you. Historically, if we look back to the Medieval era, a Jester, or a court jester was someone employed by the Royal household to entertain the noblemen and guests. Jesters and clowns also featured in some of Shakespeare's plays. Jesters traditionally wore clothing in bold patterns (usually black and red, or black and white), with funny hats, and most of our outfits take this for inspiration. But as we are in modern times, we've used a little bit of creative license to give you some wild variations to choose from. Men and women look fabulous as a pair of Jesters and many of our costumes can be co-ordinated, with some even available for girls and boys too. Ladies, we also have some Harlequin outfits for you to try. Jesters have become a bit of a hit at Halloween too, so don't be surprised to find some scary evil jesters too.

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