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The Madagascar franchise follows the capers of four animal friends who are fighting to find their way back to Central Park Zoo after being unexpectedly taken from captivity in and shipped to Africa, with hilarity ensuing as the animals get used to being out of captivity for the first time. At Smiffys, our Film & TV fancy dress covers all the favourites so if you're looking for a an awesome Animal costume that's also slightly unique, why not try out Madagascar fancy dress? Our collection of officially licensed costumes is based on the hit 2005 animated movie Madagascar, as well as the hugely successful spin-off Penguins of Madagascar, and contains everyone's favourite characters from the film from Gloria the Hippo and King Julien the Lemur, all the way to Marty the Zebra and Alex the Lion. Or you could even pick up a Penguin costume! Don't forget, you can also make your Animal look even more awesome using our face paint and other accessories.

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