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We've got some great Monk costumes for adults and kids. A monk is a person who lives a life of religious asceticism by monastic living. Basically this means they live a pretty solemn life, but you don't have to be confined to a monastery in our range of monk outfits. Monk fancy dress is typified by a monks robe, usually hooded and brown, (but sometimes you may fancy becoming a buddhist monk in our orange robe). Then you're going to need a monks cross, some sandals and a bible. We also have the iconic bald spot monk wig for those of you who don't quite have a bowl cut hair do. Monks are a great character if you are looking for a religion costume. But there's also our Friar Tuck costumes, if you are heading to a Robin Hood fancy dress event. Whatever takes your fancy, it's all just a click away.

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