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Want to dress up as a mouse? Then you're going to love our range of mouse costumes. Mice are small little rodents, that breed like the clappers, with a hugely long tail the size of their body, and round ears. Oh, and a pointy little snout. Some people keep them as pets, but most of the time you'll only see field mice or a house mouse. Legends have it that mice love cheese, although not strictly true, this stereotype is a must when it comes to mouse fancy dress. So we've got a hilarious block of cheese prop below that is a must for all mice outfits. Mice costumes aren't just for men and boys, women and girls will love our mouse ears on headbands, tutus and other mice accessories. If you're looking for a full mouse costume, then we have jumpsuits and onesies galore. Mice are scared of cats, so why not pair up with our cat costumes if going in a group. Or check out our other animal costumes.

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