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Princess Leia, or Leia Organa, is one of the most recognizable characters in the Star Wars universe and one of the most iconic. Independent, bold, courageous, and honestly stunning, now is the time to embrace the Queen and leader of the rebels yourself with one of our beautiful, elegant, and downright jaw-dropping Princess Leia Costumes.
From the moment Leia graced our screens in A New Hope, she was beloved by all for her sass and determination, her quick thinking, and her courage to stand up to the might of The Empire. Throughout the original movies and even the latest additions from Disney, Leia has shined as a true hero, an inspiration to us all. With costumes for both adults and kids, anyone can step into the role of one of the most recognizable heroes in the sci-fi world with these Star Wars Costumes and ensure your next event is one filled with memories you’ll never forget!

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